Final Semester of Classes: Strategy Concentration

I can’t believe this is my third and final semester at GBS. The one-year program really does go by quickly but the two-years say the same thing; I guess time flies when you’re having fun! I’ve finalized my last semester of classes (I’m sure you can tell that I’m not a finance or accounting person). I will graduate with concentrations in Strategy and Organizations & Management.

  • I am taking Global Macroeconomic Perspectives, Competitive Advantage, New Product Lab, Applied Entrepreneurship, and a Directed Study.
  • Global Macro is a very informative course with topics such as the job market, international trade, national income and exchange rates, fiscal policy, debt, inflation… you get the point. Everything is very relevant to any MBA going back into the job market.
  • Competitive Advantage is taught by an ex-McKinsey partner who explains core strategy in a competitive market. This course is perfect for my concentration in strategy and should be very helpful in consulting next year.
  • I’m taking New Product Lab which is a “management practice” course where we work with a client on a business issue or study. My team is working with Coca-Cola’s Odwalla brand to try to create a new beverage in the Natural Health Beverage category. One of the benefits of being in school in Atlanta is the access we have with Fortune 500 businesses: our “clients.”
  • Applied Entrepreneurship is about growing small businesses, evaluating business plans, and selling businesses. This seemed like a really interesting course, especially if I’ll want to grow a small consulting firm or practice within a larger firm in the future.
  • And lastly, I’m doing a directed study with Professor Michael Sacks on the growth potential for companies with a local consulting model. I’ve just started this study so more to come on this later. A lot of students I know are participating in directed studies, studying a topic of interest to them that isn’t in the course curriculum and getting to work closely with a professor. It’s a win-win.

Overall, the semester is off to a really great start. I’m especially excited about our mid-semester module trips: when classes stop for a few weeks in march, and we take a mid-semester course either internationally or in Atlanta. I picked an international mid-semester module, and I leave for China at the end of February!


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