My first Super Bowl

I am a sports fan; my interests include soccer, cricket, tennis and basketball. However, before coming to Goizueta, I was completely oblivious to the excitement and passion associated with American football. I saw a few games, here and there, but never with my fellow American classmates. So, I was looking forward to the Super Bowl, the season grand finale, with much anticipation.

The day arrived and around 25-30 of us gathered at school to watch the game. As I entered the room, I was greeted by my classmates, beer, wings, nachos, cookies, and a betting board. The finale was between the New England Patriots and New York Giants. It was Tom Brady (Patriots) vs. Eli Manning (Giants). Brutal but exciting, the game went on for around three and a half hours. It eventually came down to the last play and the Giants won 21 to 17.

Being a football amateur, I could only understand as much. However, I enjoyed the company of my classmates and shared their passion for the game. I loved the unique betting board, which was a matrix of numbers, and the winners were decided at the end of each quarter. A few more games and I might be able to make more intelligent bets (two dollars I’ll never see again). Also, for all of the international marketing enthusiasts, Super Bowl is the BIGGEST advertising event of the year. It attracts the latest advertisements from top brands including automotive manufacturers, retailers and consumer goods. While some ads were hilarious, others were lame, and I liked how the appreciation/hostility towards each was shared across the room.

In all, I loved my first Super Bowl and I can’t wait to experience it again next year!


~ Post by Shreesh Sharma, Full-Time MBA 2013


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